My history and why you should choose me

Hi there. My name's Martin and I'm a webaholic.

It all started way back in 1998 when I was employed as a designer for a company based in South Manchester. After a few months of employment the directors called me in to the office and asked "Whats all this talk about website? We want one and it's your job to sort it".

So there I was, sitting at my desk looking at website after website about how to make a websites. After a week or so I was deeply submerged in HTML and table based layouts. Then there is was, my first website. Ok, admittedly it wasn't a patch on the type of work I do today and even if I had the original designs I still wouldn't show you. However, it started a passion that would last forever.


Agency Side

Manchester is a hot bed of talented digital agencies and I spent a number of years doing my 'Tour of Duty' working my way up the ladder from web designer to account manager and finally to digital marketing manager. When you're involved in an industry that moves as fast as the internet does you need to stay on top of everything that's happening, so as my career progressed I found what was to be my second passion, digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

So after years of testing and honing these skills and putting in the hours needed to be 'qualified' for the position I was elevated to digital marketing manager and charged with developing advanced digital marketing strategies that would drive qualified traffic to our clients websites and influence the purchase decision of these visitors, not only to increase sales but to increase conversion rates, A.O.V and R.O I.

Ecommerce marketing

It didn't take long to realise that the benefits of mixing the best web design with high quality coding and advanced digital marketing strategies were incredible so I started to concentrate my efforts on marketing ecommerce websites. This is where I truly excelled and found that our clients were making more money than ever before. It's a great position to be in when your clients are happy and you have built up a great relationship.

Moving forwards

At this point I decided to start my own business and concentrate on providing an agency experience at a price that most businesses can afford. Digital marketing can be very expensive, especially when dealing with city centre agencies who have no choice but to pay a fortune in rent and service charges. I'm lucky. I don't have such high expenditure which means I can pass on these savings to my clients.

Can an agency do a better job than me?

The short answer is a resounding No! In a number of the 'High Calibre' agencies where I was employed, I made up the entire digital marketing department, no one else, just me working hard to do a great job. I'm not saying every agency is the same because they're not. In my experience it isn't the size of the agency that matters, it's the experience of the people doing the job that counts and with over 10 years experience under my belt I know I have the experience, and so do my clients.