Content management website

For businesses who need complete control of their website, a content management system is the perfect solution.

There are many open source content management systems available on the market such as Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress, or I can provide a custom CMS system built to your requirements.

Content management systems

Open source CMS

There are many open source CMS solutions to choose from but I have all the bases covered.

The great thing about open source products is the shear amount of support available. There are literally hundreds of companies who support these systems and the amount of plugins available to extend the standard functionality is just staggering.

It's important to know this up front because it ensures the longevity of your business. Doesn't it make you feel more secure in the knowledge that your platform can be supported by other companies? It should.

There is huge support for open source projects and they each have their own community of die hard contributors.

Custom CMS

Sometimes however, an off the shelf package just won't do. In this instance you can opt for the CommuniCore CMS system. I developed CommuniCore in order to create a rapid development process, and as it's custom coded it's easy to develop and integrate new features and functionality.

With on-going support and complete flexibility, CommuniCore is a one off platform for businesses who require this type of control.