Conversion rate optimisation

So, you have a website and you have a steady stream of visitors every day. That's great. You're in a far better position than some. However, you check your analytics and your bounce rates are high, not many people are hitting your contact page and your sales targets are short. Is there a way to improve this?

Of course there is. Conversion rate optimisation isn't about putting your telephone number in a prominent place on your website. It's about digging in to your analytics and identifying what's working and what isn't, then developing strategy to improve it. So how can you improve conversion rates?

Conversion rate optimisation


Conversion rate optimisation can be improved by finding ways to give your customers confidence. There could be many things affecting this such as something not working correctly, poor design or even people finding it hard to find what they're searching for.

If you have an ecommerce website your customers need to feel confident in their decision to provide you with their credit card details and make a purchase. If your customers lose confidence you lose the sale or enquiry.

Risk Free

Are there ways to show your customers that their decision to take action is 'Risk Free'? Placing statements such as 'Free Delivery', 'Free Returns' or even by placing the secure credit card logo at the top of the page can all create a feeling of confidence in your customers.

If the decision to take action isn't completely risk free then look at ways to show your customers the benefits of doing so or take the time to think about how to minimise the risks involved.

Look at your competitors proposition and identify how you can better it or explain what the differences are.

Hand Holding

Perhaps you're in an industry where your customers don't make the decision to purchase immediately. They may have to think about it for a while first or they are in a position to take the time to shop around. If this is the case you need to think about how your business can remain in the minds of the consumer while they are still making their purchase decision.

Could you provide a 'Free Buyers Guide' or sign them up to an email campaign that will contact them over the decision making period?

Whatever you come up with it has to be compelling enough to make the consumer take an action of some sort in order for you to be in with a chance of winning the sale.

Wading through the data

Of course, it may be that there are certain issues with your website that are stopping your customer from taking action. The only way to address this is to take the time to look through all the analytics data for your website that has been collected over a period of time to understand where people are entering and exiting your website.

Typical website analytics will show the different pages your visitors are dropping out and by analysing these pages we can make a judgement about why they leave and how we can improve them.

Whatever the reason, conversion rate optimisation is a proven technique of improving the performance of website and generating a much improved ROI. For more details please get in touch via the contact page.