Email marketing solutions

I love email marketing. Not just because I'm very good at it, but because it can yield a superb ROI for my clients. I've seen it time and time again and it always makes me smile. You see, email marketing means different things to different people. Some people see it as simply a monthly newsletter where others see it as a nuisance. Some have had a bad experience in the past and de-value it as an effective marketing opportunity.

My clients see it as a major part of their monthly revenue stream and wondered what they did before I developed their email marketing solutions.

Email Marketing Solutions

Effective Email Marketing

An effective email campaign has three key elements that determine its success.

1. Subject Line - This is the first thing that people see when the email lands in their inbox. This affects the open rates of the email campaign.

2. Compelling Offer - Unless the information is essential to your recipients, why should they spend their time reading it? You must be able to answer the 'What's in it for me' question.

3. Call To Action - You have to tell your customers what you want them to do next. Don't expect them to know. Be bold and compelling and make it absolutely clear what the next step is. This will affect the click through rate of your email campaign.

Email Deliverability

Did you know that not all emails actually get through to your customers? ISP's are using increasingly secure spam filters to stop spam emails getting through to their customers. But they don't always get it right. On average 1 in 4 email reach the inbox so when you have a subscription list of thousands or recipients this could be big losses in revenue.

The ISP's look for trust markers when considering which emails to let through and which to class as spam. These include server reputation, SPF records and complaint volumes to name a few.

Experience counts

My experience ensures all email marketing campaigns work at their best, making sure you get the best ROI possible. This doesn't happen immediately. It takes time to send, track and test every email but over time your email campaigns will become a slick marketing tool that generates real value and big results.

Using services such as Return Path ensures higher delivery rates and we can work with these services to generate increased trust with the ISP's.

My success depends on your success so the focus for me is to create the best performing campaigns possible with a focus on ROI.

Types of Email Campaign

There's more to email marketing campaigns than a monthly newsletter.

Content email campaigns - These emails are used to inform your customers about important information such as T&C's, Privacy Policies and Technical Data.

Trigger Repeat Emails - Fantastic for ecommerce clients. The chances are that you already know certain products that complement others. We can trigger an email campaign to be sent to a customer dependant on their buying habits.

Wave Email Campaigns - These emails are a superb way of generating hype for an event or open day. Sent to your customers at scheduled times on the run up to your event means we can create and test the entire campaign then set it up to send automatically.

Time Sensitive Email Campaigns - A great way to encourage your customers to act within a certain time frame. This could be a 72 hour sale where we can schedule a number of email campaigns to run on autopilot, e.g. 72 Hour Sale, Only 48 Hours Left and Last Day of our Sale.

Competitions and Surveys - If your aim is to increase your contact list or collect more data about your customers then this is way to go. The more you know about your customers the more targeted your marketing efforts will be.

Whatever you're trying to achieve I can develop an email marketing solutions that generates big results. Get in touch to find out more.