PPC Management

Pay per click is a great way to generate an almost instant high position on the search engines. Your website can be visible moments after your campaign goes live. The benefits of pay per click can be further enhanced by effective PPC Management.

If you've tried yourself at managing a PPC campaign the one thing that will probably stand out most is just how time consuming it can be and just how far the rabbit hole of PPC actually goes. Here's where I step in!

PPC management

PPC Campaign Keywords

The PPC process starts by identifying the best performing keywords to use in your campaign. These keywords need to be long tail, targeted keywords. You see, your PPC budget can soon be eaten up by keywords that are very expensive to bid on and generate clicks that don't turn in to conversions. If you use Google Adwords you will be able to identify these keywords in your adwords account.

PPC Decisions

It may be hard to make the decision to stop targeting these types of keywords but it's something you should consider. You could generate more conversions with less expensive keywords that yield lower monthly searches simply because the conversion rates or customer intent is higher. It's all about the initial research, implementation and constant analysis of the keywords.

PPC Landing Pages

Then we have to consider the landing pages you use for your PPC campaign. Google in particular give your landing pages a score out of 10 so if your pages are lower in score, your competitors could be placed higher than you and be paying less than you per click. Depending on the competition for your keywords will depend on whether we have to develop specific landing pages or continue with your existing ones.

Let's get started with PPC

We still haven't spoken about your goals, daily budgets, CPA's, ad groups, bounce rates, CTA's, Geo targeting and a whole host of other PPC management considerations that make up a profitable pay per click campaign. The rabbit hole is very deep but with many years experience I'm here, ready to take your call and discuss how to develop or improve your PPC campaigns.